Ventilator Screens

ventilator screens

Rooms with the doors and windows bolted can be stuffy and smell quite musty. Lack of ventilation can make the room quite stifling as well. Nothing can be more laborious than cooking in the kitchen, especially if it is congested and all the heat is trapped inside. RK ecran's ventilator screens are a must have to create a safe and comfortable cooking environment. Our ventilator screens are suitable in bathrooms, kitchen, stores, etc.

Privacy is an important concern in your restrooms and bathrooms, especially if you're living in areas that are highly populated. Ventilation screens from RK ecran are just right for your bathrooms as they provide the much needed privacy, while allowing you to have ventilation and providing pest control at the same time.

Mesh Options: Steel Black, Fiberglass Grey, Fiberglass Black, Aluminum Black, Aluminum Natural, Bronze.


  • Custom made to your requirements.
  • Completely sealed around the windows using custom made magnetic strips and weather piles.
  • Easy removal and fitting makes it easy to maintain.
  • Very sturdy to suit everyday use.
  • Comes with 12 months warranty.