RK Freedom Smart Screen (Regular / Motorized)

smart screen

Experience the difference the Smart Screen range can make to your living or work environment. Smart Screens utilize world leading, technologically designed fabrics incorporated into an advanced no-gap window protection system. Smart Screens are the best all weather solution as they deflect heat in summer and offer 99% protection from the harmful UV rays and retain warmth during the cooler months. The smart screen range is ideal for application in the various workspaces like hotels, airports, conference rooms, etc. The Motorized Smart Screen option gives you the freedom to enjoy your outdoor space with the touch of a button.

Fabric Options: Blockout Fabric, Soltis 99 Fabric, Translucent Fabric, Monsoon Blinds Clear PVC


  • Full block-out fabrics
  • 3% openness fabrics
  • Translucent fabrics
  • No gap aluminum frame
  • Hand-operated with handle and cord
  • Fully-motorized option
  • No visible fixings
  • Easy installation