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Dengue awareness campaign – The Hindu

RK ecran in association with The Hindu on Monday conducted dengue awareness campaign, which R. Damodharan, Deputy Director, Health Services, inaugurated at the Lakshmi Mills Junction.   Read More...

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Students get lessons on dengue – The Hindu

Will using the water in which Aedes aegypti mosquito larvae are present cause dengue; will not the use of mosquito repellents prevent the outbreak of dengue; why is the district witnessing more dengue cases this year.   Read More...

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Dengue awareness programme

The corporation in association with The Hindu In School and RK Ecran conducted a dengue awareness programme for students of the Devanga Higher Secondary School on the campus on Tuesday.   Read More...

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Creating awareness about dengue

School students were enlightened about dengue prevention measures in a multi-pronged campaign launched by the Coimbatore Corporation, The Hindu in School and RK Ecran, manufacturer of mosquito-related products.   Read More...

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Creating Awareness Among Students

This program was organized to create awareness among school students in Coimbatore during 2016. Event was organised in association with The Hindu and Coimbatore Corporation by demonstrating the possible places of water stagnation.

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Dengue Awareness Program

Being the manufacturer of mosquito screen doors and windows, we understand the serious implications of mosquito bites. Creating awareness among the public is one among the noble initiatives of RK ecran in protecting people from killer diseases like Dengue and Malaria.