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Finest quality mosquito net for doors and windows in Mangalore.


Established in 2006, RK ecran® mosquito net doors and windows are custom manufactured, measured and installed to suit your home. We are a company built on rock-solid foundation of values. With techniques that have been refined, perfected and passed on through years of experience, we take pride in manufacturing mosquito net windows and doors the right way. The RK ecran® way. Manufactured in centralized unit, our products are installed in many households in Mangalore.

Installation & Service Support: Our mosquito net products function as beautifully as the day they were installed, long in to the future. Our products are renowned for their durability, craftsmanship and better protection, without compromising on style. We are able to offer an unparalleled level of support and expertise in Mangalore. Population of Mangalore is rapidly increasing and so is the garbage in the thickly populated areas of Mangalore. Garbage spots coupled with stagnant water are the breeding grounds of mosquitoes. RK ecran provides best solutions to protect Mangalore people from mosquitoes.

Our mosquito nets windows provide 24x7 protection from mosquitoes.

  • Our mosquito nets are durable and invisible.
  • Our mosquito nets allow fresh air and natural lighting in to your house.
  • Our mosquito nets are 100% customized in state of the art manufacturing unit.
  • Our mosquito nets are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Sales, installation and service team in Mangalore
Call us at +91 99940 11000

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Our Products and Features

Openable mosquito net doors and windows

Openable mosquito net doors and windows are a necessary and practical complement to modern living. Aesthetically designed, very sturdy in construction and built with finest materials to suite everyday use. With a wide range of mosquito net and framing options available in Mangalore, our high quality mosquito screen products can be easily fitted on any window or door. We offer mosquito net in all possible design options in all areas of Mangalore. Our mosquito net windows will make your home “insect-proof. Homes, hospitals, restaurants, offices, industries using RK ecran’s finest quality mosquito net doors in Mangalore.

Very strong, sturdy, aesthetic and easy to use, excellent visibility from both inside & outside. Specially designed mesh protection clip to hold the mesh tight.

Mesh Options

SS (Black)
Pet Mesh (Grey & Black)
Fiber Glass (Grey & Black)

Frames Spec

Aluminum Grade: 6063 (Virgin)
Tensile Strength: T6
Coating: Epoxy Powder Coating or Anodizing

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Sliding mosquito not doors and windows

Sliding mosquito net doors and windows keep you free from tiny pests while they save space and add a certain grace to the room. Sliding mosquito screen doors and windows are effortless to open and close. Mosquito net doors glide smoothly bringing the best of outside in. Providing breezy cross-ventilation and expanding your space, our screens block mosquitoes and fly insects. Ideal for windows, French doors and balconies. Most apartments and luxury villas in Mangalore use sliding mosquito screen doors and windows.

Good visibility, very sturdy in construction combined with elegant design makes it a truly wonderful product for windows, french doors & balconies.

Mesh Options

SS (Black)
Fiber Glass (Grey & Black)

Frames Spec

Aluminum Grade: 6063 (Virgin)
Tensile Strength: T6
Coating: Epoxy Powder Coating or Anodizing

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Pleated mosquito net doors and windows

Pleated mosquito net doors and windows are a modern alternative to the traditional hinged or sliding mosquito screen doors and windows. Pleated mosquito screens are very easy to use, opening and closing with the gentlest of touches and the ability to be stopped in any position along the track. These are suitable for doors, balconies and French doors. This pleated mosquito net is manufactured using Japanese Technology and popularly used in many households in Mangalore. Pleated mosquito nets in Mangalore most preferred for large openings and windows.

Elegant design and easy to use mosquito screens suitable for doors, balconies and french doors.

Mesh Options

Nylon (Grey & Black)

Frames Spec

Aluminum Grade: 6063 (Virgin)
Tensile Strength: T6
Coating: Epoxy Powder Coating or Anodizing

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Ventilator / air vent mosquito nets

The air vents provide better ventilation and keep your home cooler and these are the entry points for mosquitoes and fly insects. Our screens are strong, sturdy and ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, stores and rooftop air vents. In a place like Mangalore, air vents are the major entry points for mosquitoes and fly insects and so it is essential for every house to have well installed mosquito screening.

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We provide mosquito net doors and windows installation support to the following areas. Customers from the following or nearby areas can reach us for the requirements of mosquito net installations in Mangalore city surroundings.

Ammunje, Attavar, Ambalpadi, Anantha Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Baikampady, Bajpe, Bantwal, Bejai, Bendoor, Bolar, Bondel, Balmatta, Brahmagiri ,Brahmavar, Chitpady, Derebail, Doddanagudde, Eshwar Nagar, Gandhinagar, Hayagriva Nagar, Hampankatta, Jeppinamogaru, Kadri, Kankanady, Kavoor, Konaje, Kulai, Kulshekar, Kallianpur, Kinnigoli, Kodailbail, Kodankoor, Konchady, Kottara, Kukkikatte, Kundapura, Kunjibettu, Ladyhill, Lalbagh, Manchikere, Mangala Nagar, Maroli, Maruthi Veethika, Moodbidri, Muduperar, Mulki, Nittur, Nandi Gudda, Padavinangady, Padil, Padubidri, Pakshikere, Pandeshwar, Shakti Nagar, Surathkal, Saralebettu, Saripalla, Thokottu, Shanthi Nagar, Ullal, Urwa, Udyavara, Vidyaratna Nagar, Vamanjoor.

Enjoy better living with RK ecran mosquito net doors and windows.

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"It's very good and reliable, the material is very nice the service is good and the customer support team and executive team is responding sooner than expected. The doors and windows are fitted very good and the look is very elegant. Thankyou so much for the quality, I am satisfied with your product."

- Shanvy Varghese

"Quality of the product is very good and over a phone call rk ecran team had organized the support person for measurements and quote finally post confirmation of order before the commitment date they had completed the installation perfectly. Very much satisfied with the overall experience."

- Sathish M

"Really pleased with the quality of the channels and mesh. Installation was perfect and delivery well before the committed date. Your staff have pleasing manners."

- Ramesh Babu


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